Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Sampler News!

It's Saturday night, and I just got a wonderful e-mail from Jill Renseler.  She's finished framing my Belles-Lettres D by Gigi R and will be sending it home on Monday.  Here's the photo she sent:

Gigi R's Belles-Lettres D framed by Jill Rensel

I've also decided to join Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year Challenge.  Nicola turns 50 this month and has decided to celebrate by stitching a series of Scarlet Letter reproduction samplers over the next year and inviting other stitchers to join the challenge.  She's gotten great response to this, and has many small challenges and prizes going on.  I've chosen SDW, A German Band Sampler circa 1710 as the piece I'll stitch for this challenge.  I still have to order the chart, fabrics, and threads, but this is the one I've chosen:

SDW A German Band Sampler circa 1710 by The Scarlet Letter

This sampler will make a wonderful companion piece to And They Sinned, the sampler I'll be starting as soon as my Lakeside Linen fabric comes in.  There's been a delay due to illness in the family of the ladies who own LL, but hopefully it will be in soon.  Both SDW and ATS are about 45" tall, with SDW being just a bit wider than ATS.  I'd love to have both of them on my wall!

And They Sinned by Examplar Dames Design Co.


  1. The framing looks wonderful. Can't wait to see your new start:)

  2. Piece looks lovely framed! :) Happy Stitching on new design! :)

  3. Your framing looks amazing, you have chosen the perfct frame. You must be thrilled.

  4. Worth the wait for the frame. It looks wonderful

  5. Wow. Your framed piece is stunning. Good luck with your 2 samplers. They are beautiful pieces and will be equally stunning.


  6. Stunning framing! and I like your choices of new projects :D

  7. Your framed piece looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to watching your two new band samplers come to life. You're an expert stitcher!

  8. The Band Samplers are wonderful will look forward to seeing your progress. I really like the German Band Sampler and I'm going to look into purchasing it:)
    Mary Louise in IN

  9. The picture looks beautiful! I hope the postman knows that you'll be stalking him until the package gets there!! LOL

    I love the SDW sampler and while I'm trying to resist, I don't know how long that will last. I already have ATS, but work on it very rarely - might take 2 lifetimes just for that much less another one! But, I'll enjoy it vicariously through you.