Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Update January 27, 2013

I did lots of stitching today!  It's getting late, though, so I'm just going to do a quick update on the three projects I've been working on this month.

HAED's Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina is a continuing WIP, but coming along nicely.  She's still my husband's favorite.

HAED Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina

Wisteria by The Silver Lining was a new start last weekend.  I still love stitching on black, and I may do a series of these lovely flowers on black Jobelan.  This one will look better when I get to the major part of the flower.

Wisteria by The Silver Lining

Finally, I got in 3 hours on HAED's Foregone by Marta Dahlig today.  It's the first time I've stitched that piece in two weeks, and she'll be on the floor frame until I start And They Sinned in February.  I'm looking forward to seeing the lady, since it's been all drapery so far.

HAED's Foregone by Marta Dahlig


  1. All your projects are lovely! I have to agree with your hubby on the Angel being my favorite. I also like to stitch on black fabric, especially when the colors are so vibrant like your Wisteria. Really makes the colors stand out!

  2. The Wisteria on black is gorgeous!

  3. Great progress on all your pieces Theresa. I have to ask, how in the world do you keep track of all that floss hanging down on Angel. Please tell me the secret. That would scare me to death.


  4. Beautiful Angel! Your parked threads look like her hair! :)

  5. Amazing progress on all your projects =)
    I am always amazed when I see Angel with Iris =)

  6. You are an amazing stitcher. I always look forward to seeing your projects.

  7. Wow! Amazing stitching! The Wisteria is looking so great on the black.

  8. hermosos tus trabajos!!! felicitaciones!!! ya desde hoy sigo tu blogg por mail.- Besos!!!