I am lucky enough to have all of these HAED BAPs in my stash!

Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina
Asian Fantasy 3 by Gracjana Zielinska
Aspidistra by Bente Schlick
Basilisk by Kinuko Y. Craft
Bijoux by Aimee Stewart
Biting the Sun by Kinuko Y. Craft
Celestial by Jonathan Earl Bowser
City of Coins by Ciro Marchetti
Diana by Josephine Wall
Earth Autumn Winter by Jonathan Earl Bowser
Eternal Promise (Retired version) by Matt Stewart
Flight of the Lynx by Josephine Wall
Foregone by Marta Dahlig
Gates of Valhalla by Jonathan Earl Bowser
Grove by Marta Dahlig
Lilac Sorrow Two by Nadia Strelkina
Moonstones by Linda Ravenscroft
My Sin by Rachel Marks
Nocturne by Marta Dahlig
Past Present Future by Aimee Stewart
Roanoke (Retired) by Kinuko Y. Craft
Sanctuary of Knowledge by Randal Spangler
The Awakening by Jonathan Earl Bowser
The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
The Wind in the Stone by Kinuko Y. Craft
Turandot by Kinuko Y. Craft
Wendell by James C. Christensen

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  1. Wow! These are all incredibly gorgeous designs! I'll be a happy follower of your blog for years and watching your progress!