Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday March 31st

I'm continuing to devote my stitching time to And They Sinned, which I started February 23rd.  Today was Day 37, and this afternoon I finished page 1 of 3 1/2.  With today being Easter Sunday, it was fun to finish the page with a bunny at Eve's feet.

And They Sinned by Examplar Dames - Day 37

I did do more stitching on page 2 this evening, and I think that page will go a bit faster than page 1.  A large part of the page is alphabets, so it's not as busy and has fewer color changes. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Update March 25th

I'm keeping busy working on And They Sinned, reaching the 30 day point on Sunday March 24th.  Some days I don't get any stitching done, but I seem to make up for it on the weekend.  This week I'll definitely be finished with page 1 and on to page 2.  The chart has only 3 1/2 pages, so this is moving along nicely! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday March 18th

I am so committed to And They Sinned!  Yesterday was Day 23, and I've reached the Tree of Life.  On the picture below, the blue bird in the bottom center sits on the top of that tree.  I'll be working on that tonight and doing my best to get most, if not all, of page one completed this week.

And They Sinned by Examplar Dames - March 17th, Day 23

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Update, March 11th

I was tired last night, which I attribute to losing that hour for Saturday's time change, so I took a picture of my WIP but did not post a blog update.  I'm really loving And They Sinned, and my husband's challenged me to stick with one piece from start to finish, so I'll see how long this takes to finish.  Yesterday was Day 16 for ATS, and I finally got past the clouds.

And They Sinned - March 10, 2013 - Day 16

I also took a couple of pictures of my Mark 2 by my new recliner.  This set-up is perfect for me, and I truly stitch in comfort.  I just realized, too, that the fabric color is truer in the pics below.

My Mark 2 Set-up

A look from behind the recliner

And it flips easily to the back

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Update March 3rd

I'm really enjoying stitching And They Sinned by Examplar Dames.  Today was Day 9, though I don't get much done during the week since I work.  I hope to get this done quickly so I can move on to my Scarlet Letter Sampler, SDW A German Band Sampler circa 1710 for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year, so I'm considering stitching this exclusively for now.

And Thy Sinned by Examplar Dames - Day 9

I also won a contest run by Deborah Dick of Tempting Tangles.  My prize was the chart for Giovanni's Alphabet, which is another lovely sampler.  It will be a while before I get to start this one, but I do look forward to stitching it.

Giovanni's Alphabet by Tempting Tangles