Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday March 31st

I'm continuing to devote my stitching time to And They Sinned, which I started February 23rd.  Today was Day 37, and this afternoon I finished page 1 of 3 1/2.  With today being Easter Sunday, it was fun to finish the page with a bunny at Eve's feet.

And They Sinned by Examplar Dames - Day 37

I did do more stitching on page 2 this evening, and I think that page will go a bit faster than page 1.  A large part of the page is alphabets, so it's not as busy and has fewer color changes. 


  1. It is really coming along nicely Theresa!

  2. Magnificent! You've completed so much already in just a little over a month - very impressive!
    I'm so glad I purchased the same linen as you for my ATS. It looks beautiful with the colors of the flosses. Now, I just have to give mine the attention and devotion which you've given yours! Lol! I do love living vicariously through seeing your updates. They are inspirational as well as beautiful. Congrats on making it to page two! :-)

  3. Congratulations on getting to page 2! This is coming along beautifully and I love seeing your updates coming so quickly. I am starting to have pattern envy from watching you stitch this lovely piece.

  4. Great progress Theresa. I love watching it grow.


  5. How perfect, the bunny at Eve's feet! It is looking beautiful, Theresa!