Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Update, March 11th

I was tired last night, which I attribute to losing that hour for Saturday's time change, so I took a picture of my WIP but did not post a blog update.  I'm really loving And They Sinned, and my husband's challenged me to stick with one piece from start to finish, so I'll see how long this takes to finish.  Yesterday was Day 16 for ATS, and I finally got past the clouds.

And They Sinned - March 10, 2013 - Day 16

I also took a couple of pictures of my Mark 2 by my new recliner.  This set-up is perfect for me, and I truly stitch in comfort.  I just realized, too, that the fabric color is truer in the pics below.

My Mark 2 Set-up

A look from behind the recliner

And it flips easily to the back


  1. Your stitching spot looks perfect. Good luck with your challenge. It would be a very hard one for me.

  2. ATS looks fantastic, and good for you taking up your husband's challenge! You can do it!!

    Love the Mark 2 stand you're using. Looks perfect!

  3. Great progress on ATS Theresa. I love your new chair and frame set up. I've never used a frame. I have always stitched in hand.


  4. Your chair looks so comfortable. I need a comfortable chair to stitch in. I love ATS and have it as a UFO in my stash. Would love to get a stitching stand that I feel comfortable with.

  5. It looks great wish I had a nicer place to stitch myself. Maybe one of these days??


  6. Great progress and I love your stitching spot!

  7. It looks like the perfect stitching set-up, Theresa! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time stitching this beautiful design.

  8. ATS looks amazing as does your new set up! Super comfy chair, floor stand, and ATS looks like a perfect evening to me!!

  9. Love your set up! When I get to the middle of Sistine Chapel I may have to change how I stitch.