Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Update February 17th

This week we celebrated our 41st anniversary with the sampler I'd stitched to commemorate our 40th year finished, framed, and in our home.  As for current projects, I finished page 1 of HAED's Foregone by Marta Dahlig, though all you can see is dark drapery.  I did a bit on Wisteria by the Silver Lining, but will stitch more tonight once I get off the computer. I ordered SDW A German Band Sampler from The Scarlet Letter to stitch for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year and look forward to getting that chart. 

HAED's Foregone by Marta Dahlig, page 1 completed

We decided to get new recliners for our anniversary gift, so we went furniture shopping Saturday.  Mine will be my new stitching chair, and I was careful to be sure the measurements worked with my Mark 2 floor frame.  I really like the light where my current recliner is situated, so my new one will go in the same space.  John's is a larger power recliner and needs to be plugged in, so we're moving the rest of the living room furniture around to make that work.  The new recliners will be delivered on Wednesday, and once everything's settled, I'll be starting Examplar Dames' And They Sinned.
My New Stitching Chair - A Recliner That Fits With My Mark 2 Floor Stand

John's New Power Recliner


  1. Your HAED piece looks great. I love your new recliners. We need to get a couple of those.


  2. Congrats on finishing Page 1! Your new chair looks lovely! I always sit in my dad's recliner to stitch when I go to their house. I'd love to have my own some day!

  3. Ohhh... I love your new recliner! Looks so comfy!

    Cograts on getting page one finished!

  4. Recliners are such a wonderful invention. Enjoy yours Teresa.

  5. Oh like the new chairs! Ive always had a recliner to stitch in, its the best.

  6. You are coming right along on your HAED Project...keep it up....