Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thrift Store Finds!

Today I met some friends for brunch in Canyon Lake, a small town north of San Antonio, where we had a lovely brunch and watched a delightful small town Christmas parade.  While there, I also visited the local thrift store and was excited with some awesome finds in their cross stitch bin!

The most exciting find was an unopened copy of And They Sinned by Examplar Dames Design Co.  This is a huge Adam and Eve sampler with a stitch count of 809 x 169.  Though it currently retails for far more, I got this for only $1.  You can get a closer look at the design and see a picture of a woman by the finished piece at:  I'm not sure when I'll work this into my stitching rotation, but for now I'm just delighted to have this in my stash!

And They Sinned by Exampler Dames Design Co.

A second find was a small Silken Wings Kit titled Sitting Chickadee by Crossed Wing Collection.  The kit has the chart, matted 40ct silk gauze, and Au Ver A Soie d'Alger silk threads.  Someone did start to stitch a tiny section, but I believe I can remove those stitches without mich difficulty.  I've never stitched on silk gauze before and wanted to get some for Baby Roses by The Silver Lining, a chart of rose bud miniatures I was gifted recently.  I'll either stitch the chickadee for practice or use the silk gauze for one of the roses.  Either way, this was another great $1 find!

Sitting Chickadee by Crossed Wing Collection

Next was a Janlynn Pillow Top Kit of a Hen.  This would be lovely for someone who collects things featuring roosters and hens.  The kit is unopened, and contains 14ct black Aida plus all the threads.  While I doubt I will stitch this myself, I thought it might be a good one to donate as a contest prize in one of the online stitching groups I belong to.  This one, too, was only $1.

Janlynn Hen Pillow Top Kit

My final thrift shop find for the day was a Shepherd's Bush kit, Queen Bee Sampler.  This kit has the chart, 32ct. Belfast linen, and all the silk floss, beads, and charms required to complete the band sampler.  Though the kit had been opened, all the contents are there unused.  Like the pillow top kit, this will probably be donated as a contest prize.  Once again, the price was only $1.

Queen Bee Sampler by The Shepherd's Bush


  1. Wow you really did get some good buys.
    Mary Louise

  2. What amazing bargains. Well done for finding them ATS is a gorgeous sampler.

  3. Great bargain shopping. It sounds as if you had a fun day altogether!

  4. Wow! Those are incredible bargains! I would have bought them all too, just to pass on to other stitchers. The chickadee is adorable but I would never try 40 ct silk gauze!

  5. Wow! What great finds. I live in such a small town, even though we have 5 thrift stores, I can never find any cross stitch or yarn.


  6. Ooooooh! I am incredibly jealous of your bargain haul, but especially And They Sinned... brilliant
    Liz x

  7. Lucky you!
    I can't believe you've found "And They Sinned" for a meager 1 USD!!! The Queen Bee sampler is lovely as well!
    Kind greetings,