Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Been a (Mostly) Great Week!

With the exception of being rear-ended on my way to work in the rain on Thursday, it's been a great week.  Even that wasn't terribly bad, since no one was hurt and my car just needs the rear bumper replaced.  Insurance will take care of that next week.

On the HAED All Hallows Exchange on Facebook, I gave and received two more charts besides the ones I"d mentioned earlier.  One is Diana by Josephine Wall and the other is City of Coins by Ciro Marchetti.

Diana by Josephine Wall

City of Coins by Ciro Marchetti
My (early) birthday present should come in handy for stitching all the beautiful charts in my stash.  My Mark 2 by Hearthside Craftworks arrived on Tuesday, and today I mounted a WIP, HAED's Angel with Iris by Nadia Strelkina on the scroll rods. What a joy it is to have this workstation!  The frame rotates 360 degrees with just a touch of a finger....great for all the HAED confetti!

My New Mark 2

A Closer Look at Angel with Iris
That's my news for the week, and now it's time to get back to stitching!


  1. Oh... I'm so sorry you were rear-ended, Theresa. :( Glad that you're unhurt.

    Your HAED is looking awesome!!! :D

  2. Beautiful patterns and your workstation looks great!

  3. I'm relieved that nothing happened to you ) I hope your car is fixed again soon =)

    The new patterns you got are wonderful and I envy you for having such a wonderful frame! =)

  4. It is good to know you weren't hurt.
    What a wonderful frame, it looks like it will be a joy to stitch on. Your new patterns are wonderful. I was looking at your stash patterns from GK and HAED. What a wonderful collection you have! I don't know how you will ever choose your next when you finish one.

  5. More gorgeous charts for the future! Your floor stand will certainly help you stitch all these masterpieces!

  6. Love your new workstation, it looks great and so does Angel with Iris. Sorry about your accident but so glad it was very minor and you were not hurt.

  7. Glad no one was hurt in the rear-ender. I like your new stand and great to hear it's working out for you.