Monday, October 29, 2012

Decisions, decisions.....

Past Present Future

Asian Fantasy 3
In support of Heaven and Earth Designs, an All Hallows Exchange event was set up on Facebook.  The idea was that interested stitchers would sign up to send and receive a RAK which would be a HAED chart from their wish list.  As it turned out, there were two sales during the event, plus some of us had birthdays, so lots of charts were RAK'd.  I ended up RAKing and receiving 8 charts myself.  The next step is that a SAL has been set up on a Facebook group named The Stash, Stitch and Honking Raketeers Club, in which stitchers will start one of the HAED charts received as RAKs during the event.  The start date is January 1st.
Biting the Sun
My initial impulse was to start Past Present Future by Aimee Stewart, which is the smallest of the charts I received.  It's rather abstract, but has a lot of color interest, plus I saw a WIP of this piece which is fabulous.  On the other hand, I recently saw Rachel's beautiful finish of Kinuko Y. Craft's Turandot (also in my stash but not eligible for this SAL) and I wonder if I should go for one of the more spectacular pieces.  I may stick with my original preference, but wouldn't mind getting some opinions.

City of Coins

The Wind in the Stone

Flight of the Lynx


If you were going to stitch one of these eight charts, which one would you choose? 


  1. Tough choice but I would go for Asian Fantasy 3

  2. Definitely Asian Fantasy 3 and then 2nd choice is Foregone and then Diana. Hmmm should have a wish list I think.

  3. I absolutely love The Wind in the Stone =)
    It is so powerful =)

  4. I thinly I would have to go with past, present, future. Tje colours just jump out at you.

  5. Asian Fantasy 3 would be my first choice. All those strong colours.

  6. Foregone is my choice. I love this picture I want to purchase and stitch this piece soon.

  7. I vote for Foregone! It will be amazing to see that face come to life in stitches!

  8. Ohhh! I love them all..but if I had to pick just ONE for a new start, I'd choose Biting the Sun. I love the deep blues and greens

  9. I voted for 'Foregone' it is stunning and the finished design will be amazing - I am following your blog now to see your WIP.

    I am also taking part doing Josephine Wall's - Star Ship.

    My blog is:

    Lesley - GOOD LUCK.

  10. I would stitch City of coins out of all those charts. :)

  11. Flight of the Lynx... that's the one my eye keeps going to. So I guess whichever one your eye goes to first should probably be your best choice! :)

  12. I vote for Past, Present and Future but then I would do, I have it in my stash :)