Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Stash and Another Round of RAKs

Yesterday was my birthday, and I received a bunch of lovely cards and threads from stitching friends.  It was also the "official" start of the HAED All Hallows Exchange on Facebook.  I'd taken part in the earlier test rounds in the beginning of October, during which I received 4 HAED charts, 3 RAKs in the assigned exchange, plus one as an early birthday gift.  This time I've signed up for just one assigned RAK so far, for which Bea Lapp actually sent me 2 HAED charts since it was also my birthday.  I also found that Fiona McQuade from Scotland and I share the same birthday, and we exchanged HAED charts to celerate.  Here are the new HAEDs added to my stash this week:

HAED Biting the Sun by Kinuko Y. Craft
A Birthday RAK from Fiona McQuade
HAED Asian Fantasy 3 by Gracjana Zielinska
RAK'd by Bea Lapp
HAED The Wind in the Stone by Kinuko Y. Craft
RAK'd by Bea Lapp


  1. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Teresa
    Happy Birthday to You.

  2. Happy Birthday. Beautiful new charts:)

  3. Happy belated birthday, and congrats on all the wonderful new stash - you deserve it!


  4. A belated Happy Birthday! I hope that a year full of love, health and stitches is waiting for you =)
    The new charts you got are amazing, I fear I am now in love with The Wind in the Stone... ;-)